Go Challenge - 9


The 9th Go Challenge is now closed. Sadly there were no submissions for this challenge.

The July 2016 Go Challenge for developers (newbies included)

Aaron Cruz: Author of the 9th Go Challenge

Aaron Cruz The 9th Go Challenge author, Aaron Cruz, is a food lover who speaks about Go and other programming languages at conferences around the world. For his real job, he helps marketplaces start making revenue faster by integrating with Stripe Connect to simplify buyer/seller (rider/driver, freelancer/client) payments.


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Go Challenge

No Go Challenge for now - Taking a break.

We are taking a break for sometime and hopefully would be back soon.

Thanks to all the Gophers for their interest in the Go Challenge.

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Go Challenge - 8


Winners have been declared by Andrew Gerrand

Winner #1 - Jakub Rozanski - A readable dancing links implementation.

Winner #2 - Jan Mercl - I enjoyed reading this clean solution.

Special mentions

Dan McCandless - “Las Vegas” algorithm gave me pause, and then a good laugh.

Robert Ortega - “suGOku” web app is nicely done.

The November 2015 Go Challenge for developers (newbies included)

Andrew Gerrand: Author of the 8th Go Challenge

Andrew Gerrand The 8th Go Challenge author, Andrew Gerrand,...

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Go Challenge - 7


Winners have been declared

Winner #1 - James Scott

Winner #2 - Daniel Skinner

The October 2015 Go Challenge for developers (newbies included)

Francesc Campoy Flores: Author of the 7th Go Challenge

Francesc Campoy Flores The 7th Go Challenge author is Francesc Campoy Flores who joined the Go team in 2012 as Developer Advocate after several years as a Python and C++ developer. His mission is to make Go useful and fun.

Francesc has this to say about the challenge:

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Go Challenge - 6


Winners have been declared

Winner #1 - Xiao Jiang

Winner #2 - Kim Eik

The September 2015 Go Challenge for developers (newbies included)

Steve Francia: Author of the 6th Go Challenge

Steve Francia The 6th Go Challenge author is Steve Francia who is responsible for two of the largest projects in Go (and open source); He’s the Chief Operator of the Docker project and the creator of Hugo, the most contributed-to community project in Go. He loves open source...

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Go Challenge - 5


Winners have been declared

Winner #1 - Robert Horvath

Winner #2 - Fatih Arslan

The August 2015 Go Challenge for developers (newbies included)

Josh Bleecher Snyder: Author of the 5th Go Challenge

Josh Bleecher Snyder The 5th Go Challenge author is Josh Bleecher Snyder an active contributor to the Go project. He’s an engineer at Braintree and previously co-founded card.io.

Josh has this to say about the challenge:

“I love writing tools to work with Go. It...

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Go Challenge

No Go Challenge for July ‘15 - Taking a break.

We are taking a break for July and as such there will be no Go Challenge in July.

July is when the awesome GopherCon happens in Denver, USA and everyone is keen to attend or know what’s happening in the world of Go.

We will be back in August.

The challenges to come are from:

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Go Challenge - 4


Winners have been declared

The challenge author had this to say:

My preference was for idiomatic code, enough docs that I could take over the code if I had to without crying, parallelization, and memory efficiency. Martin Treusch von Buttlar nailed all of those, other ones were lacking in one or more of each of the things I was looking for.

Winner #1 - Martin Treusch von Buttlar

Winner #2 - Zac Bergquist

Winner #3 - Craig Peterson

The challenge author has added this on 26th May 2015:

Additional Hint: The challenge...

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Go Challenge - 3


The author of the challenge has written a blog post that explains how he used concurrency to improve the performance 10x without changing the basic algorithm.

Winners have been declared

The challenge author has this to say about the winners:

I am choosing the submission of David Le Corfec as the first winner and Craig Peterson as the second winner, but they are very close.

David Le Corfec - Good mosaic created. Good documentation, easy parameters, fine-grained and simple to use. Simple and easy to read code, well-structured. Good performance...

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Go Challenge - 2


  • This second Go challenge is now closed.
  • There were 105 entries from 30 countries.
  • Evaluator Jeff R. Allen talks about your submitted code here and here.
  • Some of the participants blogged about their Go challenge experience: Doug Cichon and Jason Clark.
  • The winners have been announced: #1 Michael Alexander (his solution), #2 David Le Corfec (his solution), #3 William Shallum (his solution), #4 Luke Champine (his solution) and #5 Arran Walker (his solution). According to the challenge author, David Le Corfec and William Shallum were close...
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Feedback on the Go Challenge solutions

About Evaluator Dominik Honnef

Dominik Honnef I’ve been programming for half my life, ever since my childhood. Having started in VB6 and PHP, I quickly worked my way towards Ruby and then finally Go. Along the way, I’ve always tried to contribute to open source in one way or another, but Go finally spawned the kind of down to earth, no nonsense community I feel comfortable in.

Dominik’s feedback to the Go Challenge 1 participants

Reviewing almost 90 different solutions to the same problem revealed a lot of very...

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Go Challenge - 1

The world’s first monthly Go Challenge for developers (newbies included)


Feedback from the Evaluators

Difficult to give...

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